Too Far From America?

To begin with , I think it’s pretty important issue to discuss. And I hope we’ll have an interesting discussion about it.
“Too Far From America”… I mean the lifestyle, the culture, the general values and assumptions that mainly characterize the real Americans.
Now, I’m gonna write the main  American values and assumptions:

  • Individualism
  • Freedom
  • Competitiveness
  • Privacy
  • Equality
  • Informality
  • The Future, Change and Progress
  • Goodness of Humanity
  • Time
  • Achievement, Action, Work and Materialism
  • Directness and Assertiveness

What can we say about INDIVIDUALISM?
The most important thing to understand about Americans is probably their devotion to individualism. They’re trained from very early ages to consider themselves as separate individuals who are responsible for their own situations in life and their own destinies. They ARE NOT trained to see themselves as members of close-knit, religious group, tribe, nation or any other collectivity.
Americans consider the ideal person to be an individualistic, self-reliant, independent person.

  • Americans admire people who have overcome adverse circumstances (e.g. poverty or a physical handicap) and “succeeded” in life.
  • Many Americans DO NOT display the degree of respect for their parents that people in more traditional societies commonly do. From their point of view, being born to particular parents was a sort of historical or biological accident. The parent fulfill their responsibilities to the children while the children are young, but when the children have reached “the age of independence”, the close child-parent tie is loosened, occasionally even broken.

It’s enough for today… Let’s discuss  this…


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One Response to “Too Far From America?”

  1. Peter Says:

    I fully agree with this information… Americans are real individualist, independent people… not collectivists like Russians for example….

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